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‘The Whole Enchilada’ Service for Forks

The heart of your bike’s suspension is the damper. When your damper is working at its best, the entire bike feels in tune with the trail. But when your damper is not working properly, your beautiful bike can feel like it is working against you mile after mile. A Manticore tuned and maintained damper gives you the control and confidence you need to enjoy your favorite trail.

‘The Whole Enchilada’ Service:

  • Removal of lower chassis for cleaning
  • Replacement of main fork seals/wipers
  • Inspection of bushings, and all moving parts
  • Removal, inspection and cleaning of all air and/or mechanical spring parts
  • Replacement of all air seals and manufacturer suggested lubes and fluids
  • Removal, inspection, and cleaning of all damper components
  • Replacement of all damper seals, glide rings, and fluid
  • New external crush-washer/retainer
  • Replacement of lower leg suspension fluid
  • Reassembled and torqued to manufacturer specifications

100 hours
Most manufacturers suggest damper service every 100 hours of riding.


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