Manticore Wheel Services

Manticore now offers wheel repair and assembly! For more information, or to schedule a service, contact


Description Price Additional Info
Custom wheel assembly, single wheel $55
Custom wheel assembly, wheel set $100
Old wheel disassembly $15 per wheel
Wheel Re-tension $40 per wheel
Wheel true $20 per wheel
Tubeless setup (valve/tape only), per wheel $15 labor cost, parts are additional $
Hub bearing service, per pair of bearings $30 1 pair front, 2 pairs in the rear



Proper spoke length matters. We strive to gain full thread engagement on every spoke so that no matter what nipple we use, the strength won’t be compromised. Each spoke is individually inspected for uniformity and the threads are coated with a locking compound.


Hand lacing wheels not only lets us accommodate a wide variety of lacing patterns but also gives us another chance to inspect all the parts of the build as well.

Tensioning, Truing and Dishing

Every spoke is checked for even tension using a DT Swiss Tensio 2, because maintaining uniform spoke tension allows us to maximize wheel strength and deliver wheels that stay true for trouble-free miles.

Signing Off

Once the wheel is round, true, and has even spoke tension, it is double checked by another builder.

Break in Period

We take great care to make sure that your wheels don’t unwind and de-stress after the first couple of rides. This means making sure that the spoke heads are fully seated in the hub and every single spoke has even tension. We pre-stress the wheels as much as we can because we know that the streets and trails are much harsher than we are.

We also build full custom wheels! Contact Us with your specifications