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‘The Whole Enchilada’ Service for Coil Shocks

Is your rear coil shock experiencing a noticeable loss of performance? This full overhaul addresses all the common wear points within.

Details of ‘The Whole Enchilada’ Service:

  • Remove coil spring
  • Disassemble and inspect shock damper
  • Replace all piston seals and glide rings
  • Replace rebound and compression knob seals where applicable
  • Replace IFP seals where applicable
  • Replace fluid and reassemble to manufacturer torque specification
  • Reinstall coil spring
  • Replace DU bushings where applicable
  • Function test shock

100 hours
100 hours may sound like a lot of riding, however if you hit the trail 2 days per week, for 2 hours, you are riding over 200 hours per year! This means the average rider should plan a rear shock damper service every 6 months.


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