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Rock Shox Stealth Seatpost

Your adjustable height seatpost requires regular maintenance in order to maintain proper function. This comprehensive service addresses issues of sag, friction, and side-to-side play, restoring full hydraulic function and extending the lifespan of your investment.

Typical Stealth Seatpost Service includes:

  • Complete disassembly of your Stealth seatpost
  • Inspect and clean all moving parts and surfaces
  • Replace all version 1 and 2 IFPs with version 3
  • Reassemble and torque to manufacturer specification
  • Flush hydraulic line and switch mechanism
  • Replace bleed port seals
  • Full function test of Reverb

Rock Shox suggests full servicing of your Stealth Seatpost every 200 hours of riding time or at least once per year under moderate use. If you ride in very dusty, wet or muddy conditions your seatpost may require more frequent service.


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