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Rock Shox B1 Seatpost (Full Overhaul)

This comprehensive service addresses issues of sag, friction, and side-to-side play, restoring full hydraulic function and extending the lifespan of your investment.

Typical B1 Seatpost Service includes:

  • Disassemble, clean, and inspect all moving parts
  • Replace upper collar including bushing and seal
  • Replace IFP and main piston seals
  • Replace entire inner seal-head including seals and bushing
  • Replace fluid, reassemble and torque to manufacturer specifications
  • Flush hydraulic line and switch mechanism
  • Replace bleed port seals
  • Full function test of Reverb

Rock Shox suggests full servicing of the B1 Seatpost every 400 hours of riding time or at least every 2 years under moderate use. If you ride in very dusty, wet or muddy conditions your seatpost may require more frequent service.


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